Sharing Chicken Stew

I’ve been thinking a lot about the first post I would share on my new blog. I wanted to give everybody something that encompasses the way I want everyone to feel when they visit the pages of the site… the way I want people to feel when they visit my home… welcomed, cozy, and like they can’t wait to come back. So I decided to share one of our favorite family recipes. This chicken stew is something we make to comfort others, and ourselves at time. We share it with family and friends in happy times and sad. Now, I share it with you. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you come back next week to see what else  my family and I are up to! Learn more about me and Crafting Our Life in the “About” section.

chicken stew step 1
Step 1: Sweat one diced onion and about four or five cloves of garlic, minced in a food processor, with one stick of butter for about 10 minutes or until the onion and garlic are soft.
chicken stew step 2
Step 2: Add one 32 ounce carton of chicken broth then bring to a simmer.
chicken stew step 3
Step 3: Add the shredded meat from one rotisserie chicken already cooked from the store.
chicken stew step 4
Step 4: Add one 16 ounce can of condensed milk.
chicken stew step 5
Step 5: Add one pint of heavy cream.
chicken stew step 6
Finally: Let this creamy mixture of yum cook on low for about 15 minutes salt and pepper to taste and you are ready to serve a cozy bowl of goodness to your family and friends! We like to eat ours with crackers, but crusty bread is great too. And we always top ours off with a hot sauce, just to add a little kick, but you may like it just as it is. Enjoy!


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