Camera Lens Mug

Can't Wait for Coffee in the Morning!
Can’t Wait for Coffee in the Morning!

This has been a hard week. I’ve been so thankful for the sweet friends and family who have shown me love. We’ve been preparing to have family over to celebrate Easter tomorrow. I’m so excited about seeing everyone again. We are planning to make my grandmother’s macaroni & cheese casserole and some really tasty blue cheese and bacon Brussels Sprouts for lunch (pictures and recipes to come)!

My brother came in from Ohio and I have gotten to see him two days in a row so far! He gave me lots of presents, since we have not seen each other in almost a year! My favorite, since I’m a shutter bug, is this awesome camera lens travel coffee mug! It is so cool! I had pinned it on one of my Pinterest boards long ago, but never really thought I’d own one! I’m even more excited to drink my coffee in the morning than usual! Look for a yummy recipe next week!

Enjoy your family and remember to God be the glory!





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