Let’s Craft… Because It’s a New School Year

We started a new school year Monday. It’s been an amazing summer of spending time with family and friends and planning for the new school year for everyone! I have had a lot of changes and challenges in my job, but I am so passionate about making reading a lifelong part of children’s lives that I am fired up about the new start!

As a part of this new adventure, I decided to create cozy and inviting spaces in our library to help nurture that love of reading. For me, that means craft projects before school starts! Last weekend I finished covering three lamp shades that coordinate with some awesome curtains my mom made for me. Here’s what that looked like!

I started with a blank lampshade, fabric, scissors, and glue. I cut the fabric to fit in one piece around the shade, with extra fabric to work with. I sprayed the shade with glue, then fit the fabric on top of the sprayed areas until it was all covered. I trimmed the excess fabric and tucked the seam in to smooth it flat after I had glued everything well. I trimmed the fabric about an inch from the top and bottom then glued it just to the inside rim so it would not be too close to the bulb of the lamp. I was pleased with the outcome. I may even get some trim later to finish it off!












<img src=””


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