Small Steps

We celebrated 15 years of marriage last week! I’m so thankful for all we have accomplished in our lives. No matter what the challenge before us though, we’ve had the most success when we set a goal and took small steps to reach that goal. Things have not always turned out like we had planned, but the outcome has been worth the journey. The renovations, the peeling, the sanding… it’s all worth it. When we can stand back at the end of a project or a challenge, and see the outcome, that’s when we realize all that we have done together and can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Here are a couple of shots of the before and after of our kitchen renovation at our third house. The house is 35 years old and to my knowledge, had not had many renovations or updates until we bought it. This was our first project at this house.

Kitchen Before
Kitchen After

We have since painted the black trim white, but it’s symbolic of all the projects we have done together. The journey is full of transformation and discovery. It has only been accomplished through small steps.

Keep it Crafty!



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