Oh Edisto

We headed to Edisto Island for an end of summer birthday beach trip. Edisto  always fills our days with places to explore and simple pleasures. We spent time biking, fishing and playing on the beach at the St. Helena Sound.

Treasures at Edisto

We caught several beautiful fish, but nothing big enough to keep. The moon was very close to full all week, which made night fishing even more fun!

Fishing at Sunset

Our last day was spent kayaking with the family from Wilkinson’s Landing, near Botany Bay, to Shell Island. It was a shell seekers paradise!  There were so many gorgeous shells, I had to decide which ones to leave behind, since it’s recommended that you don’t take more than a gallon per person. After that, we biked for an ice cream treat.

Botany Bay and Wilkinson’s Landing

Edisto is my favorite beach to get away to. Nothing fancy, just natural beauty, good people, and delicious seafood.

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