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A Fresh Start

We’ve lived in our home for 7 years. We have done many DIY projects together, but not as many in this house as in our previous two homes. There always seems to be a project to do, but we have made a list of the things we can do ourselves and things we will need to get help with from others.

I’m excited to say, our dark and grimy dining room has a new coat of paint to start off the new year of simplicity and fresh starts. We have cleared out the clutter from this room, donating many unused items. It feels nice to be free of the clutter. We are planning to have the old and damaged flooring replaced this year as well. Since we are Dave Ramsey people (read his book, Financial Peace), we will be doing a project a a time, as we save for it. We plan to do each room as we can get to it throughout the year.

BEFORE - Dark & Grimy
BEFORE – Dark & Grimy
AFTER - Light and Airy
AFTER – Light and Airy

As for Simplifying in 2016, we have been menu planning, keeping up with the laundry by doing one load a day (for the most part). The kids have been pretty busy with school, so the devices have not been a problem so far. As far as clutter and clean up go, we are still working on that. It work best for us, if everyone can get into the habit of picking up after themselves! More on that as we go along! Until next time!





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