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Total Solar Eclipse 2017

What an amazing experience! To witness God’s handy work firsthand. We’ve been talking about the solar eclipse for over a year. We were elated to learn that we lived within a mile of the path of totality! So we decided to really celebrate this once in a lifetime event.

I did a little research, brainstormed with friends, created a Pinterest board (check it out here: Eclipse Party), and made a plan! Our menu included rocket dogs (hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls), Sun Chips, Capri Suns, Moon Pies, star-shaped Jello and marshmallows, and rocket pops. We all enjoyed grazing on the food as we went between the eclipse coverage on TV and actually observing it outside. I also wanted the kids to have something to remember our special day, so we opted to make glittery nebula in bottles and jars. We all had a great time mixing the oil and water with food coloring, cotton balls, and glitter. And we enjoyed it all to a fun eclipse playlist a friend shared with us!

When it was finally showtime, my son suggested we lay out a white bed sheet on the ground to view the “snakes” when the sun’s rays show through the mountains on the moon. That was fascinating for all of us to see!  We spent the next ten minutes noticing the crickets starting to chirp, the fireflies and bats coming out, and the temperature cooling. The light and shadows around us were captivating. There were tiny crescent shadows on the ground and my car as the moon moved in front of the sun. Then, when I couldn’t imagine things being anymore incredible, the moon totally eclipsed the sun. As we all stood in awe, I thought I had never seen anything quite as beautiful. It seemed surreal… like I should have been able to reach out and touch it. It was crazy emotional! We serve a might God who created this, and can make us whole. I am beyond thankful to have made this memory, one of my happiest, with my family.

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